Establishment of a contract research laboratory

BioXpedia A/S is a contract research laboratory founded in 2016 by CEO Mogens Kruhøffer to provide high quality cost effective laboratory services for targeted biomarker screening to pre-clinical and clinical researchers. Our main focus is on the identification of new clinically useful biomarkers for patient stratification, treatment response, and discovery of potential drug targets.


Bioanalytical service

BioXpedia provides high-throughput sample preparation and multiomic screening and analyses on multiple biological levels. We offer you the rapid high-throughput analysis that your research deserves, using multiplex low-volume technologies for the most effective use of your valuable samples.


Biomarker discovery

Since its foundation, BioXpedia has helped clients from the pharmaceutical and biotech industry along with research groups and other larger research institution with a variety of projects involving biomarker services. We are passionate about being your trusted scientific partner in biomarker discovery and validation.

Use our services to advance your research, diagnostic and drug development projects.

NB BioXpedia wil not claim any intellectual property rights (IPR) of data and results generated.

We are

Brian Sørensen

Brian Sørensen

Head of Board

Brian holds a Master of Law from Aarhus University. He has more than 12 years of business experience as manager in businesses. Brian has amongst others held various non-legal management positions in LEGO, been the CEO of an American franchisor company and of AROS Applied Biotechnology. In 2013 Brian joined Marselis Advokater as Partner, where he works with the application and enforcement of intellectual property rights. Brian has performed legal work for a wide range of large and midsized businesses in Denmark and abroad.

Niels Rüdiger

Niels Rüdiger

Board member

Niels holds an MSc in chemistry and a PhD in molecular biology. He previously worked for 18 years on characterizing genetic diseases and founded a University Hospital Laboratory dedicated to the diagnosis of inherited diseases. He is a renowned teacher of molecular biology techniques, including PCR, real time PCR and array technologies to students up to PhD level. In 2001 Niels joined AH diagnostics as managing director and is now the main shareholder of the company.
Mogens Kruhøffer

Mogens Kruhøffer

Board member CEO

Mogens holds an MSc in biology from Aarhus University and a Ph.D. in molecular biology from the Max-Planck-Institute for Experimental Medicine. He was the cofounder of AROS Applied Biotechnology back in 2000 and worked as CSO up until 2017, where he left the company to start BioXpedia. Mogens has previously worked extensively with genome analysis and has a long research career behind him.

Contact info: [email protected]
 Cell: +45 28 19 26 82

Kamilla Sofie Pedersen

Kamilla Sofie Pedersen

Project Manager

Contact info: [email protected]
Cell: +45 28 19 96 90

Iben Skov Ross Petersen

Iben Skov Ross Petersen

Head Laboratory Technician

Contact info: [email protected]

Jane Fuglsang

Jane Fuglsang

Product Specialist

Contact info: [email protected]
Cell: +45 24 84 84 85

Emil Maag

Emil Maag

Data Scientist

Contact info: [email protected]

Gulalay Ahengar

Gulalay Ahengar


Contact info: [email protected]

Brian Christensen

Brian Christensen

Web Design & Digital Marketing

Contact: [email protected]
Cell: +4531660043

Paul Raslow Nielsen



New technician at BioXpedia

BioXpedia is growing and our new technician started the 11th of March.

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BioXpedia offers Meso Scale Discovery

BioXpedia is now service provider of Meso Scale Discovery analysis. Flexible multiplex protein measurements with extremely high sensitivity and precision. 

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BioXpedias 1st anniversary

On April 1st, BioXpedia celebrated its first anniversary. The first year has been very exciting and we have been well received on the biotechnology market.

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December 14 2017

Olink Proteomics announced the launch of Olink® MOUSE EXPLORATORY, offering 92 high-quality assays to measure mouse proteins.

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May 5 2017

MedWatch: Aarhusiansk iværksætter vil erobre analysemarked

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April 27 2017

Biopeople: New member of the Biopeople network: BioXpedia opens new doors in protein marker research

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What scientists are saying about BioXpedia

“Current research deals intensively with analysis of blood and urine to identify novel biomarkers. One of the challenges is to develop sensitive and specific methods to identify disease-associated molecules in complex clinical samples. I am convinced that the new sensitive methods for measuring biomarker signatures will become an important tool in biomarker research.”

Lars Dyrskjøt Andersen,

Professor, Dept. of Molecular Medicine (MOMA), Aarhus University Hospital

”It is great that a professional provider will ensure the quality in these new and competence demanding analyses. Mogens has many years of experience from collaborations with the pharmaceutical industry under GLP-demands, and I am sure that this is a guarantee of competences and quality.”

Torben F. Ørntoft,

Professor, Dept. of Molecular Medicine (MOMA), Aarhus University Hospital

”During my Ph.D project my supervisor drew my attention to BioXpedia’s services. Especially interesting for me was the biomarker screening using the Olink Proteomics platform, and I quickly realized it could benefit my research substantially by enabling a more comprehensive analysis of my samples. The panels available did not include assays for all the biomarkers I wanted to analyze, however, the BioXpedia team quickly found a solution allowing for a complete analysis of all biomarkers – and they thoroughly instructed me in the sample preparation process. I have experienced a very positive cooperation with a high degree of kindness, professionalism and flexibility, and I look forward to my future cooperation with the BioXpedia team.”

Mia Klinkvort Kempel,

Cand. med., Department of Occupational Medicine, Regional Hospital West Jutland

“BioXpedia has been dedicated to help me achieve my research goals and move forward.  The staff are friendly, competent, efficient and eager to make sure that all flows smoothly to obtain the best possible solution and results. I would strongly recommend to anybody wanting to have quality results, delivered with care and precision.”

Meg Duroux,

Associate Professor, Laboratory for Cancer Biology, Biomedicine, Aalborg University

”We are used to measuring 1-2 relations at a time, while this type of panels make it possible to broaden the analysis, so that we at one time fast and precisely may measure the content of several substances and proteins in a biopsy. If this screening method holds its promise, it is fantastic. It might turn out to be of huge importance to guiding us and giving an overview of the identification process to find disease markers.”

Kristian Stengaard-Pedersen

Professor, Dept of Rheumatology, Clinical medicine at Aarhus University

”Immunotherapy is currently a popular and effective method for treating lung cancer. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to follow the effect of the treatment, especially in the beginning, where the tumour progression cannot be monitored using x-ray as with traditional chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Thus, we are searching for valid and suitable clinical biomarkers, that will allow us to non-invasively monitor the effect of the treatment i.e. in blood and bronchial secretions. These new protein screening panels have an enormous potential, as targeted biomarker analysis will enable us to perform broad analyses of immune proteins and monitor how the treatment affects their up and down regulation.”

Henrik Hager,

Pathologist and Clinical Associate Professor, Center of Clinical Pathology at Vejle Hospital.

“Gene expression analysis of formalin fixed tissue is challenging. We collaborated with BioXpedia on analysing gene expression levels of known cancer genes in rare mucosal melanomas using NanoString technology. The BioXpedia staff was highly helpful and competent in this process, and they assisted in designing and performing the study optimally with their dedicated work. The handling of specimens was careful, and quality data was delivered without delay. Furthermore, BioXpedia helped with analysing the data, and this service was highly appreciated. I was very grateful for our collaboration and I would strongly recommend BioXpedia to all other working within the field of molecular biology in cancer .”

Lauge Hjort Mikkelsen,

MD, Ph.D. fellow, Department of Pathology, Copenhagen University Hospital, University of Copenhagen

Past Events

Science and Network - Immunterapi

14 March 2019, Herlev. Dansk Selskab for Cyto- og Histokemi, Herlev Hospital.

Introduction to NanoString technology for cancer research

5 March 2019, Copenhagen. NanoString Seminar, Danish Cancer Society.

Measurement of markers in pigs used in clinical research

BioXpedia Workshop

4 March 2019, Aarhus. De kirurgiske Forskningslaboratorier, Aarhus University Hospital.

Early Detection of Cancer

24 January 2019, Aarhus. Research Symposium Aarhus University.

4th Immunotherapy Symposium

29 November 2018, Aarhus.

BIOAGORA - Immunotherapy biomarkers

27 November 2018, Copenhagen. 

60th Meeting Danish Society for Flow Cytometry

1 November 2018, Copenhagen.

ESRI Conference

29-31 August 2018, Aalborg. European Society For Reproductive Immunology.

AH Seminar Day

6 September 2018, Copenhagen. AH Diagnostics.

Symposium Extracellular Vesicles

11 October 2018, Aalborg. Extracellular Vesicle Research Center Denmark.

Crossroads between metabolism and the brain

14-15 May 2018, Nyborg. Annual Meeting, Danish Society for NeuroScience.

Olink Proteomics Seminar

15 May 2018, Skejby. Multiplex protein biomarker screening using PEA technology. Workshop organised by BioXpedia.

NanoString Seminar

22 March 2018, Skejby. Faster than qPCR simpler than NGS. Workshop organised by BioXpedia.

Nordic Precision Medicine Forum

20-21 March 2018, Copenhagen. 2nd Annual Nordic Precision Medicine Forum.

New insights in Neuroscience

5 March 2018, Copenhagen. NanoString Seminar.

BioPeople Conference

28 February 2018, Copenhagen.

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