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BioXpedia offer analytical laboratory services supporting biomarker discovery and research at DNA, RNA and protein-level.


Genomic or protein-based biomarker?

It depends on the question you’re asking – ask BioXpedia as a first step!

Our technologies

Olink Proteomics  – Protein

Fluidigm HT qPCR – DNA, miRNA, RNA

NanoString – DNA, RNA and Protein

Meso Scale Discovery – Protein

Extraction and sample preparation

Time-, cost and sample effective

High multiplex level

Reproducible and efficient

Automated workflow



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We are in the november issue of Biopeople’s newsletter regarding our biostatistical services.

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BII Fair 2019


26th November 2019, BioInnovation Institute, COBIS, Copenhagen

Bioagora 2019

Autoimmune Diseases

19th November 2019, Mærsk Tower, Copenhagen

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What scientists are saying about BioXpedia

“Gene expression analysis of formalin fixed tissue is challenging. We collaborated with BioXpedia on analysing gene expression levels of known cancer genes in rare mucosal melanomas using NanoString technology. The BioXpedia staff was highly helpful and competent in this process, and they assisted in designing and performing the study optimally with their dedicated work. The handling of specimens was careful, and quality data was delivered without delay. Furthermore, BioXpedia helped with analysing the data, and this service was highly appreciated. I was very grateful for our collaboration and I would strongly recommend BioXpedia to all others working within the field of molecular biology in cancer” Lauge Hjort Mikkelsen,

MD, Ph.D. fellow, Department of Pathology, Copenhagen University Hospital, University of Copenhagen

”Immunotherapy is currently a popular and effective method for treating lung cancer. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to follow the effect of the treatment, especially in the beginning, where the tumor progression cannot be monitored using x-ray as with traditional chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Thus, we are searching for valid and suitable clinical biomarkers, that will allow us to non-invasively monitor the effect of the treatment i.e. in blood and bronchial secretions. These new protein screening panels have an enormous potential, as targeted biomarker analysis will enable us to perform broad analyses of immune proteins and monitor how the treatment affects their up and down regulation.” Henrik Hager

Clinical Associate Professor, Pathologist, Center of Clinical Pathology, Vejle Hospital

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