About Us

BioXpedia A/S is a contract research laboratory focusing on delivering high quality cost effective Targeted Biomarker Screening to pre-clinical and clinical researchers.
For protein biomarker screening we offer the unique Proseek probe panels from Olink that enables high-throughput, multiplex immunoassay panels measuring 92 proteins across 96 samples simultaneously using only one microliter of serum or plasma. The Proseek technology provides reproducible and semi-quantitative data for up to 982 proteins proteins with more to come.

BioXpedia was founded in 2016 by Mogens Kruhøffer, who in 2000 was also a cofounder of AROS Applied Biotechnology – a leading Service Provider in Whole Genomic Solutions.

BioXpedia is located in Incuba Science Park in close proximity to Aarhus University Hospital.


BioXpedia A/S

Palle Juul-Jensens Boulevard 82

8200 Aarhus N

Tel. +45 24267329


BioXpedia’s Board

Brian Sørensen

Brian Sørensen

Head of Board

Niels Rüdiger

Niels Rüdiger

Board member

Mogens kruhøffer

Mogens kruhøffer

Board member CEO


BioXpedia provides analytical biomarker services to pharmaceutical and biotech industry, research groups on hospitals and universities and other larger research institutions. Our main focus is on the identification of new biomarkers for patient stratification, treatment response, and discovery of potential drug targets.

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